Single Moms: Living and Loving!

Single Moms

Society, from as far back as Bible times, has always downplayed women's share of pain and victimization in relationships. When a relationship ends, it's a woman's fault. When a marriage is childless, it's generally a woman's fault. When a marriage ends in divorce, and she winds up as a single mum, it's a woman's fault! Unfortunately even fellow single moms downplay their friends, how ironic!

Let's get it straight here; no sane woman walks away from a happy relationship let alone marriage. She's a single mom for a reason; could be that she was dumped by some guy who duped her into mistaking him for the right one, or worse still, a husband who did not value her in his life or was just plain incompatible! Others still lost their spouse to death; they have no resurrection power or their husband's would still be alive!

So....before you get publishing your unsolicited opinion, sit down and think straight. What this world needs is love, acceptance and more love! Forget about your holiness, that's for you and your Maker. Those hurting souls you're busy judging need more a piece of your heart than they do a piece of your uncouth lectures! 

The best things in life are not things...they can't be bought either!  The answer is love, love and more love! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’
By Connie Kabukabu Mutonga
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