5 ways to save a dying relationship

Couple mad at each other

You see relationships these days are so delicate that they have the tendency to break at any moment, the reason behind this is way too much of thinking over little things and stressing out.

Trust me it is not going to work that way. Of course, there need to be elements like trust, respect, loyalty, honesty and commitment. But do not exaggerate it, leave it at that instead of stretching out on a certain thing.

Relationships are not meant to be in any confines, they are for people to enjoy each other’s company freely, by worrying less and smiling more.

Suppose if your relationship is already hitting the rock bottom, these are the things you could possibly do to work it out between you two and also the other people who are having a good relationship you must take care of the following things:

1. Ladies, you need to take care of your man’s ego

You see women these days fail to support their man in his ventures till he has achieved his dreams, or maybe if he has lost his previous job and struggling hard enough for a new one. That’s it. There arrives the point when the women usually leave the man all alone on his own despite giving him some support.

They nag him saying “he’s a good for nothing kind of person”, this is not the right time for you to leave him in between, that’s the time when he needs you the most, he expects you to be his strong point and stay beside him and respect his decisions no matter what.

You are supposed to help him out and not blame the things onto him. If you blame him always remember this that he is going to find someone else in his life, who could possibly be his true strength and you are all hashed out from his life.

2. Men, you need to take care of your woman’s feelings

You must have got some idea by now that your woman surely functions on feelings and emotions and not on logic, so whatever the situation might be. One thing you must remember is that you must never ignore her feelings, no matter what, I repeat do not ignore her feelings. No matter how silly is the reason behind her being upset, you need to make sure of asking it out and understanding the reason behind it, rather make her look silly behind the reason. You can’t make a fool out of her.

3. Set high goals for yourselves

Remember, this is very important, it’s only when you set high goals you will have least issues in your relationship because it’s only then you are putting all your efforts in achieving what you aim for in your life. If you are aimless with no goals, there will come all the stupid thoughts in your mind of how your partner has changed one fine day and not paying enough attention to you and all these ruthless thoughts pop out of your “aimless” kind of mind. So keep your goals high and most importantly make sure you try achieving them with all your efforts. That will also make you more productive in a way.

4. Stop that constant keep in touch kind of thing

You can’t be with each other for the whole 24×7 time. The constant calling up and having long conversations, being all lovey-dovey the whole day with each other. That looks good for a day/ a month/ few years not more than that. You need to believe me on this that you will be eventually ruining your relationship. Because once you get busy with any of your thing and suppose you are not able to give some time out to your partner, that is going to screw you up and will start getting on your nerves, it’s likely going to affect your relationship with family/friends too. Because you are so into each other that you forget to care about people around you.

5. Change the “Why me first” kind of attitude

There are times when this question comes to your mind because your ego is more important to you than he/she. You don’t have to hold onto the things which have already taken place. Please let go of them like the passing wind. Why do you have to think about the thing which happened yesterday and start a fight over it today? What will you earn from it? Absolutely nothing, that is going to eat you up. Forget about what happened yesterday and think of the new beautiful day which is going to arise. There’s nothing wrong in calling up your partner first, remember you must be the first one to forgive and forget always, without bringing up any second thoughts like ego/arrogance in your mind.
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