6 Signs that your partner respects you

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Respect in a relationship is as important as, you that had been in a relationship, is your relationship something to write home about?  Respect is always the Supreme, respect means a lot in the sense that it indirectly clarify whether he loves you or not.

Of course, if your boyfriend loves you, he will as well respect you... That’s the truth!

Now, with the below listed, you will be thought on how to know whether your boyfriend respects You or not, things to Observe and of course, reconsider.

There are many times when you are with your someone special and there is a feeling of being loved with him, but he is not having a proper time for you. Then you feel like a fish in a pond and if really these thoughts are crossing your mind, then it might be your partner doesn’t respect you and you need to think thrice to opt out of this relationship.

Here are some signs that your partner respects you a lot:

1. He gives you all the freedom to live your life:

If He does pamper you all the time like where are you? When will you come home? Why are you out? After a certain time period, these things will frustrate. If your partner really respects, then he will give you all the freedom to live your life in your own way.

2. He stays with you in your needy time:

If he is there for you when you need someone to be by your side in your down times, or if he never makes you feel alone, then you are lucky that you have him.

3. He Makes time for you:

From his busy schedule, if he makes a time only to talk you, to watch a movie with you, to do shopping you, then he surely respects you.

4. He supports you without interruption:

If he really loves you or respects you, he will be not gonna interrupt your speech, your thoughts, your plans etc.

5. You are his badge of pride:

No matter in which situation you are, a winner or a looser, talking to your mom, or your friend comes in when you are with him. If he loves you he will care for you, will comfortable with you in every situation and wear you as a badge of his pride.

6. How much you matter to him:

If he really respects, then he will be by your side to boost your confidence and make you really realize that how much you matter him, as well he feels very lucky when you exist around him.
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