6 ways to mend your relationship after messing up!

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We all make mistakes, sometimes we make disasters. But we still have hopes to mend those mistakes. Well, here are the 6 Ways to mend your relationship after messing up everything.

Decide what you really want.

Before anything else, even apologizing, you need to sit, calm down and think what you want? If your heart is allowing you to patch up then go read the following points and implement them.

Take complete responsibility for your part and apologize sincerely.

You don’t have to say sorry just for saying. You must feel it inside. If it does, then only your partner will connect with you. Be accountable and take complete responsibility of your mistakes.

Accept that he or she might punish you for a while.

Well, you know that you messed up everything. S, its better you accept anything and everything that is coming from the front. No matter, how rude they behave and how much they punish, you will have to bear it. Give them time and space to forgive you.

Say sorry to them.

Apologize and do all the stuff you think they will like. But after sometime take a pause. Give them time to process your realization. Allow space to your relation to sink in.

Avoid becoming defensive.

If you know that you are the only person who messed up everything so better keep quiet and stop being defensive. Your partner can and must make you realize your mistakes.

Try to make it fun, even though it’s not fun right now.

Whenever you go to him or her to apologize or for some other efforts, try to make it fun. So that things don’t turn into a disaster and get hyped. You need to calm him down and make sure you sound genuine.

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