7 Tips for healthy vibrant relationships

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7 Tips for healthy vibrant relationships

We all desire healthy vibrant relationships to live, love and thrive, and as I often say; YOU DESERVE IT! Allow me to share with you seven keys that will help unlock the doors, improve your love life and guarantee you long life as a result.

Researchers agree that the secret of long life is healthy relationships. It is therefore of paramount importance that we should all aspire to enjoy healthy relationships. Investing in good healthy relationships has great benefits so read on and embrace the keys with diligence.

As relationships grow, it is not uncommon to forget, ignore or simply take for granted some of the simple truths that will undoubtedly improve your most important relationships. This serves as a reminder;

1. Care

Caring for your significant other opens the door to their heart. They embrace the partner allowing themselves to be vulnerable because they feel loved, valued and accepted unconditionally. It helps to verbalize how much you care through words of affirmation, spending quality time and providing acts of service, touch and gifting appropriately. Garry Chapman, calls this the Love Language and has written extensively on this subject. Be kind, compassionate, considerate and sensitive to your partner’s needs, it speaks volumes.

2. Cherish

Being valued, admired and cherished by your partner, gives the partner a boost of ego and confidence. Knowing that they matter and that your partner holds you in high esteem, increases their energy levels, self-worth and self-esteem, consequently, their performance ratings goes higher, making the individuals highly committed, productive and successful. Spur your loved ones by simply cherishing them and giving honour where honour is due and guess what! you reap the fruit of abundance in every way.

3. Communicate

Keep all communication channels open regardless of the circumstances, in good and bad times, when you feel in and out of love, when you have been hurt, when expectations have not been met. This is one of the weakness areas in relationships. Effective and efficient communication is paramount in building strong healthy lasting relationships. Communicate in word and deed.

It is worth noting that nonverbal communication is crucial in love relationships as communication goes beyond words, it is about that look, touch, and gesture. Remember to be a good listener and have a non-judgmental attitude, always open to new horizons.

4. Compromise

The ability to compromise is valuable. Relationships are about ensuring the other person feels understood, and even when they are in the wrong let go. Everything cannot rotate around you, it’s not always about your needs being met, it’s about not standing up for your right always. Allowing compromise saves situations and relationships.

5. Cheerleader

It’s not a popularity contest, be your partner’s cheerleader as they journey in life, in failure and in success. Stand up for them and do not in any way become their obstacle of achieving their life purpose and passions. How pleasing is it to have your loved one cheer you on when you are down and hurting.

6. Confront

Many prefer not to confront anything that might rock the boat. It is honorable to address the issues that are affecting your relationship and confront them with love and wisdom. Confront behavior and matters that do not honor the relationship timely so that you can nip the bud and blossom in season.

Conflict avoidance is one of the pitfalls of a relationship and sudden death will certainly follow when matters remain under the carpet. Not confronting situations robs you of joy, intimacy and vibrancy eventually becoming the greatest enemy of love.

7. Commitment

Once you say “I do” commitment should be the key that unlocks all the others above. Commitment is the decision to be in a relationship, for better for worse, in sickness and in health, in richness and in want. . Regardless of whatever happens you are committed to the relationship, content, and ready to go the extra mile for your partner.

Live, love and thrive because you deserve it!!

Author, Marriage Built to Last.
You can reach her on; www.jenniekarina.co.ke

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