Does the number of people your partner slept with matter?

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A new study suggests that there may be an “ideal” number of sexual partners one has had in the past, that is viewed as neither too low nor too high by a potential mate. Yes, your “magic number” can make or mar your future with the object of your desire.

The study, which was conducted by researchers from Nottingham, Bristol, and Swansea universities, found that singles looking for love want someone with experience, but not a bed-hopper.

According to the researchers, when it came to serious relationships or marriage, both men and women prefer relatively inexperienced people as long-term partners. It was found that more than two previous partners for prospective spouses and three, in the case of casual relationships or flings would be a deal breaker for people looking for love.

However, women were found to be less forgiving than men. The study reported that women get completely put off by men who have had more than six partners. Men said that a number higher than 11 would make them reconsider.

The study also found that both sexes, if they’re in it for the long-haul, would ideally be with someone who has had two past partners. But, not someone who has had more than three.

To put this study to test, we went around asking young men and women about what they think would define promiscuity and what number would make them seriously concerned.

Out of seven men, aged between 21-35, four of them said that the number wouldn’t matter to them. What would actually matter to them would be health factor, especially if the woman suffers from any sexually transmitted disease. While one of the respondents also said that how frequent the woman changed her partner would also be a matter of concern. The rest of the three respondents said that they will be fine with up to four ex-partner.

When we asked women the same question–almost all of them said it wouldn’t matter to them and they don’t really care about a number, unless the guy was cheating or has STDs. So contrary to the British study, what we found was that most of the respondents, both men, and women, didn’t care about how many people their partner has slept with. No number seemed to be an absolute deal breaker for them.

The thing is, living in the 21st century, where modern relationships often start online, it is very difficult to actually define the word promiscuity. How does it even matter if your partner has slept with x number of people? If he/she loves you, doesn’t have any STDs, and isn’t cheating on you, whatever the “magic number” maybe–it becomes irrelevant.

Most of the people often lie about how many people they have been with, mainly because out of fear of judgment and rejection. But, what’s surprising is the fact that most people consider health a deal breaker. So ladies, stop worrying about your number. Just worry about yours and your partner's sexual health.

After all, love is what everyone needs. And what’s in a number anyway?
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