How to find out if your man truly loves you?

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Marriage is life time affair that you have to live and nurture with patience. In the early year of marriage, things are quite love-able but as the time passes, love fades out. In such situations, you start feeling that your husband that does not care about you. This happens as your guy does not express his love explicitly. In fact, there are marriages where both forget to appreciate the power of little things in life. Hence, it is important to understand and know if he really loves you.

Trust:- Trust is an important part of every relationship. If that is missing then your relationship doesn’t go well. As there is trust factor between you two so he doesn’t doubt your actions and decisions.

Value your feelings:-
Not every guy is able to understand the feeling of his lady. If your husband really care about your emotions and value them then you are in wonderful relationship.

Express his love:- Although love is there in your relationship but you forget to express it. Your husband makes you realize that how much he loves you with his words as well as actions.

Give you freedom:- He understands that you are individual identity. He believes that you have the right to be yourself and enjoy life in your way. He gives you liberty to hangout with friends or goes shopping alone.

Motivate you:-
You can see that he always encourages you to do better. Whenever you do any self-hate talks, he scolds you and makes you to appreciate yourself.

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