Questions we should ask before cheating

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Questions we should ask before cheating

We have all at one point in our dating life been cheated on. It sucks. Almost feels like the whole world is crumbling. We live in a hush hush society where cheating is seen as an acceptable thing, explaining why affairs have turned out to be messy. Forget days when men were the experts in the cheating game; these days, women have mastered the art.

This week, we will break all the rules and seek to find out: Is cheating worth it? What exactly drives a ‘sane’ man to cheat on the wife, who is Beyonce’s look-alike? Before you hit the sheets with another woman or man, take time to ask yourselves the following questions:

Is he/she worth it? Before you start flirting and taking things to the next level, figure out what is it that is wrong with your relationship. No one is perfect in this world and learning how to compromise is the only way out. Not everyone is worth sleeping with because the energies two people release into each other is something you do not want to share with ‘everyone’.

Cheating is thrilling. However, you need to know the price to pay once you are caught in the act. Some women feel ‘dirty’ after sleeping with another man while others, well, walk away like nothing ever happened. Take some time off and know what exactly you want. Karma is a b*tch and it will come to hunt you.

Why I’m I not trying to fix my relationship?
The number one thing one should think about before cheating is: ‘What I am I not getting from this relationship? Communication is very important. You should be able to talk to your significant other when they stop doing the lovey dovey. Do not cheat on someone who gives 80 per cent with someone who is only offering 20 per cent. If you are willing to invest in someone to grow with them, then get ready for the ups and downs of a relationship.

When was the last time this person was tested?
It is important to know the status of someone before you sleep with them. Condoms might keep you off HIV, but remember, your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Sleeping around will leave you more confused and at high risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

If you genuinely care about the person you are having a relationship with, you need to ask yourself a lot of questions before you cheat. The number one question you should ask yourself is: Are you willing to leave 80 per cent just for some 20 per cent? If you are invested in someone, communicate how you feel all the time.

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