Sorry girls, you cannot do without men: Hard fact

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Sorry girls, you cannot do without men

The single, career women who go around telling everyone that they don’t need a man should stop lying to themselves. The hard fact is; every woman is wired to need a man.

Some women claim that the only reason they would need a man is for procreation but with the advent of sperm banks, they don’t need men any more. That, if you ask me, is a load of bull. I mean, what will she tell her child when s/he demands to see the father?

Wouldn’t it be sinful for a woman to lie to the child that his or her father died in a fatal road accident? Thing is, as some singer once sang and as the story illustrates, every woman is wired to need a man. It is always a matter of time, so when I hear some women make noise about how they don’t need men, I always understand their naivety. See, those Brazilians thought they would do without men, but who had the last laugh?

Before I bow out, for the bachelors out there who our proud-for-nothing women have ignored, you know where to look: Noiva do Corderio. Boy, catch a plane to Brazil and find the love of your life!

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