Strange things we do in Africa in the name of "It's Our Culture"

*1. We care more for the dead than we do for the living!*

*2. We spend more to bury a person than we do to save their life.*

*3. We will not travel to go see a sick relative but will travel to bury him /her*

*4. People will rarely respect you while alive but will want to "pay their last respects" to your casket.*

*5. A person may NEVER receive roses in their entire life but they will get lots dumped on their graveyard!*

*6. We will spend a night at a neighbour's funeral and it will be our first time to see the inside of their house!*

*7. No one gives a damn to know your village until you die and they will all fill car after car to "escort" your corpse*

*8. We will take the dead to the mosque/temple/church knowing fully well they had nothing to do with worship while alive.*

*9. We might not have granite tops in our kitchens but use the granite in the graveyard!*

*10. An entire village might not have a single house with cement floors but the only place with cement will be a graveyard!*
11. We say how dear a person was to us after he died. When he is alive we do not tell him.

*It is proposed we have "Cultural Reforms". We have a culture of "hypocrisy"
... a culture that is "Pro-death" and NOT "Pro-life!"*

*We need to value life BEFORE death.*

*Best person ever who came to my heart left with scars but l will never forget that touch* Please love me while I am alive, show me your kindness now that I need it, your presence at my funeral will never make up for your absence when I have the greatest need of you. Do it now for me to enjoy. ""
*This got me thinking👆?*

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