Understand Your Spouse: 10 Ways to know your partner better

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Knowing what, who your spouse really are can benefits relationship, in the sense that it make you to understand your spouse weakness, in the other way encourages a healthy relationship.

Have you made out time to discuss certain issues with your partner?

Have you discussed childhood stories with him or her? 

If no, i think you should start it, because a lot of benefits are Attached to it.. .

Marital advice columnists talk regularly about keeping the ‘romance going’ and making sure the ‘spark is alive’. Sure, date nights bring partners closer, but very few people realize that taking the effort to know your spouse better, can ensure longevity in a relationship. Once the honeymoon is over, it is this knowledge and appreciation that gets you over the rough patches. Here are some ways to know your spouse better.

10 Ways to know your spouse better are:

1. Initiate conversation: This is the mother of all cliches when it comes to marital advice, but it works. The easiest way to know your spouse well is to talk or ask questions. Conversations reveal your spouse’s views, attitude, and helps you evaluate if you are on the same page.

2. Discuss goals: It is obvious that all will have something to do and achieve apart from the family life. You should clearly know the aim and goal of your partner’s life.

3. Share a passion: Be imaginative, and think beyond going to the movies together. It could be salsa dance. It could be building a gigantic jigsaw puzzle together. In any case, a shared passion will help you know your spouse better.

4. Share childhood memories: Many clues to our behavior are locked in our childhood. How we were raised, who we interacted with, how many friends we had, how we did in school. Ask your spouse about their childhood. You’ll get a better sense of who they are.

5. Understand your differences: Sometimes, you and your spouse have to agree to disagree while dealing with problems that are difficult to solve. Remember that there is no winning or losing in a relationship.

6. Know your spouse’s work: You don’t have to take a degree in neurosurgery to match your better half who is into medical profession, or learn to write code to bond with your geeky partner. Know what their role involves, and what challenges they face.

7. Travel: There’s nothing quite like being thrown together in a strange place. The shared experience will give you memories to cherish, and you’ll grow together as a couple.

8. Cook a special meal for each other: Valuable insights to know your spouse better. Better way to know and understand each others’ tastes than to try something new in the kitchen.

9. Watch your spouse play sport: Competitive situations reveal a lot about a person. Watching them playing sports will let you know how they perform under pressure, how gracious they are in victory and loss, and how much winning means to them.

10. Be transparent: Have an open and transparent contact with your partner. This will let you know your spouse better, and sure, they will return the favor. Make sure you have a basic understanding about living together.

These are the ways to know your spouse better. All the best!!

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