Ways to deal with inferiority complex in boyfriends

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Inferiority complex can begin anytime in one’s life, it can be as a result of lack of self trust, intimidation from friends or family, or ignorance.

Here are some ways to deal with inferiority complex in husband.


Find the Reason

Your husband is not going to directly tell you why he is facing this inferiority complex. He is going to be in a denial mode, and the more you try to put it across to him, chances of irritating and spoiling the whole thing are high. Take cues from what he says to figure out the underlying problem. Only when you find out the underlying issue will you be able to help your husband and in turn yourself to deal with the issue.

Don’t Blame the Self

Remember his inferiority complex is not your doing. The first thing for you to remember is that questioning your self-worth is not going to help you or your husband in anyway. Remember, he is dealing with issues that probably his mind, or other people have managed to poison him with. This has nothing to do with you. So, in case you are planning to change or lower your self-worth, think again.


There is no problem on this world that cannot be solved by talking it out. It is necessary that you communicate your thoughts with your husband. Instead of saying you will leave a job, just because you have realized that you have a high paying job which is making your husband go through the inferiority complex, try to get it out of his mouth.

Don’t leave your job even then, but make him understand the thing. Don’t say things like how you will manage the expenses. You can always make him understand your point of view towards career, and explain it nicely to him that others don’t control your life, you both do.

Spend More Time Together

It is very important for the two of you to make sure that you spend enough time with each other. There is always a career to look after, and it is quite understandable. But, what you cannot forget is that your relationship is quite a deal, and spending time with each other will just make it more positive. A positive atmosphere has no room for inferiority complex.

Be Firm

In case his inferiority complex makes your self-worth go down, or he tries to put you down in front of others, don’t take it.

The more you take it thinking it will save your relationship, the more he will try and put you down. Be firm about your self-worth, and make him acknowledge it too. His inferiority complex cannot make him hurt you, and it would be a crime to take it in any way.

Men can feel inferior too, and actually men get this complex more often than women. It is that stage of life when they value their self worth lower than that of the others. It could be a result of lot of comparisons, and could also happen in case they are struggling just too much to make ends meet.

These are the ways to deal with inferiority complex in husband.

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