Ways to make your woman listen to you

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Men want women to listen to them but times have changed a lot. Today, women also want the same. They too want men to listen to them and there is nothing wrong in it. As a man, you just need to be a bit more patient if you ever want paradise on earth.

Women are capable of making the life of a man paradise.But for that to happen, you must ask yourself certain questions. Are you giving enough space and freedom to her? Have you ever tried to solve any of her problems?

If you do so then you will never have to wonder about how to make wife listen to you. Women show gratitude when men do something worthy for them. So, you are just a few miles away from that point. Here are some ways to make your wife listen to you.

Ways to make your wife/ girlfriend listen to you are:

Try to be a good listener first:

You must be a good listener first. If you are sensitive to each and every word of hers then she will try to offer you the same facility. But if you are too arrogant and head strong, she might never give you her ear at all. It’s easy. Start trying to listen to her carefully. She must be trying to tell you something.

Give her a gift before crucial discussions:

If you have something important to discuss and if you want your wife’s nod for that, a good idea to get her nod is by gifting her with something first. When she is in the clouds enjoying the gift, simply start the conversation about that crucial ‘something’ and get a nod from her. Of course, if your wife is smarter than both of us, she will never fall in this trap. Try a different idea then.

Be humble:

Humility is the mother of all qualities. You need to learn it. Men hate to be humble but that quality gives them grace and superiority. Be more approachable and your wife will start listening to you more than ever. If you are too egotistic then things won’t work out at all.


Empathy is one of the greatest qualities that human beings can cultivate. Empatise with your wife’s problems and her situations; this will naturally make her a good listener.

Whenever you feel low, she will make you feel good. She will patiently listen to all your concerns and treat you like a king. What are you waiting for? Start enjoying marital bliss with these relationship tips.

Remember, doing all this things promotes a healthier relationship.

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