7 Dating tips that will give you a leading edge

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7 Dating tips that will give you a leading edge

While there may be various ways of meeting a partner, there are rules of the game in dating today that doesn't change. Allow me to share with you seven tips that will give you a leading edge.

Widen your Networks

There are many potential partners who will fit into the criteria that are your ideal, seek them diligently, prudently, patiently and exercise wisdom. Approach others with curiosity, compassion, and kindness but exercise caution.

Nobody is perfect

While seeking a perfect partner, recognize that nobody is perfect and the person. Seek personal development as an individual and be clear who it is that you seek as a partner. It helps to have a checklist concerning your preferences for the person you seek for, at least five with three non-negotiable. Manage your expectations.

Be on your best behavior

Watch out for behavior that could be construed as needy, desperate and clingy. Do not be too assertive and certainly do not take the dating opportunity to bring about your wealth, position of power or influence. This is a moment of creating trust and friendship that could possibly go the next level and too much personal information could intimidate the prospective partner.

Be sensual and cute not sexy

While sexual energies may be high due to attraction, don’t engage sexually this causes one to lose their senses and judgment. Avoid physical contact and continue to engage in intellectual connection. Respect the natural progression of intimacy, dress appropriately and by all means, avoid showing too much body.

Self-disclose with limitation

This is not an opportunity to debrief on the heartbreaks you have encountered. Do not talk about your past, the mistakes you have made, the expectations of this relationship if it were to go anywhere instead talk about your passions, and do more listening to get to know your date better. Avoid too many personal details.

Do not monopolize the conversation

You are not the highlight of the conversation, it is your opportunity to get to know the date better so listen, be attention, observe body language and take the time to know the person better. It is not about you, it is about them. Be inquisitive yet cautious, interested with boundaries, get cues on values, beliefs, and traditions.

Be your authentic self

Nothing is as powerful as being your authentic self. There is no reason why you should try to be someone else, simply be you, that is what makes you different, attractive and approachable. Never lie about your true identity it will always catch up with you.

Be mysterious, and they will pursue you relentlessly.

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