Suggestions to help women propel there husbands towards greatness

Suggestions to help women propel there husbands towards greatness

Every wife needs to recognize that you have unique powers to inspire your husband. This statement is clear, that every wife, has the capacity to propel their man to the highest level, if only they recognize that their womb does not only carry a child but also carries and gives birth to vision, purpose, and passion. You have what it takes when you believe in him, he can take the leap, soar like the eagles because he feels secure and safe with you. When your man is inspired he will undoubtedly conquer any territory, exploit his full potential, become enthusiastic, and energetic, healthy, happy, fruitful and caring.

Give him the respect even when you don’t think that he deserves it. Women are gifted at pointing out their men’s faults and failures demanding their needs are met, which is certainly understandable, however, this often results in discontentment and conflict. How about trying to treat him as your VIP, the King of the household and see what happens he might catch the queue and quickly treat you like the queen that is deserving.

Initiate great sex. Generally, women want to feel desired and so it is generally the norm for them to wait for the guy to initiate sex. How about spicing up, and deliberately interesting him and set the tone. Sex has great benefits apart from strengthening your relationship it will improve your health, help you sleep better and give you joy and gladness. How about coming up with a code that both of you understand and make it happen.

Affirm him constantly and let him know what he does best. Words have the power to build or to destroy. Affirming, building, and being creative in word and deed adds flavor to every relationship. Let your man know that you need him, believe in him and love him unconditionally.

Give him time on a regular basis to do something he loves on his own. Every man needs time alone, do not suffocate him, trust him enough to give him space he so greatly needs to unwind and plan alone. Most men value this and when they do choose to have time out do give it without reservation.

Communicate with clarity and avoid assumptions. Don’t be vague about your needs articulate them clearly for action. If you need his help be clear about how, when and what. Do not assume he reads minds, no matter how much he loves you he will never know what you really want.

Pray for him; Prayer is powerful. It is extremely important to pray for him when he is hearing. Ensure that the prayers edify and bring him closer to God. Pray Scripture over him.

Be a great Mum to his children and keep a clean and neat home. Be your husband’s greatest cheerleader and propel him into greatness!
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