7 ways to keep your man happy and faithful forever

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7 ways to keep your man happy and faithful forever

1. Commitment

It will save the most challenged of relationships. It is the willingness to do whatever it takes to build a strong marriage. There are many reasons why anyone should simply call it a day.

Commitment is about pressing on for the greater good of the entire family. It’s about seeing beyond the present circumstances and casting your vision beyond your children’s children. Commitment knows only patience, endurance, perseverance and goes against the norm pressing on until the best presents itself.

2. Communication

Communication is vital for the sustainability of a good healthy relationship. It is the fuel that keeps the relationship together. Without communication, there is an instant breakdown and the relationship crumbles.

When partners don’t communicate, every other aspect of the intimacy is lost; physical, recreational, spiritual, social and intellectual intimacy becomes something of the past.

Communication is both verbal and non-verbal and the process involves respect for each other as well as active energy and enthusiasm on the part of both parties.

3. Respect

Respect has greater value to most than LOVE. How do you tell me you love me when you disrespect me? Is a question asked many times? To enjoy a thriving, fruitful and happy relationship, respect needs to be the number one among other top priorities. It’s worth noting that respect is earned.

Even when it is not deserved, respect and honor should be given because where respect thrives there is trust, love, and support for one another, freedom and a great intimacy. Before you can show respect to your partner, it is prudent to give yourself some respect. After all that is how you will teach others to treat you.

4. Quality time, not quantity

Spending time with your partner goes a long way in expressing your love, affection, affirmation and respect for them. Planning quality time together bring about bonding, trust, oneness and builds intimacy levels.

Quality time is a language of love. Garry Chapman would say give your partner undivided attention for it is a primary love language and if you don’t give them quality time, they will not feel loved.

5. Choose your words wisely

Words have the power for life and death and it is helpful to choose words wisely. Before choosing to use verbal abuse, think again because the words pierce through bone and marrow and the sting will last a long time

There is the passive aggressive abuser who is subtle yet leaves the partner devastated, with a lot of pain, fear, frustration and to a large extent confusion constantly seeking to understand the abusive partner’s behavior.

6. Boundaries should be respected

Understand and respect your partner’s boundaries at all times, and be willing to make significant sacrifices to give them room for the same.

7. Apologizing doesn’t show weakness

Saying sorry, forgive me, excuse me, I was wrong, is a great strength and not a weakness. Apologize and seek the forgiveness of your partner. Make every effort to live in peace with one another.

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