How much time you need before getting into another relationship

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How much time you need before getting into another relationship

Is your relationship growing and thriving? Are you growing as an individual and with your significant other? Is your relationship challenged? Relationships are worth working on. However, take an honest evaluation and make adjustments where necessary. It is helpful to commit to personal development, defining every relationship in your season. If you just lost a relationship, it will be well, take your time and heal before jumping into another relationship. So often I get the question, how much time you need before getting into another relationship?

When Jean’s boyfriend left her for her girlfriend after an exciting five years of courtship, she did not know what to do, she was so desperate to massage her ego so she quickly hooked up with a new find.

Unfortunately, it was not long before she realized it was a mistake and was deeply distressed. It was not working. “Oh help! I am so desperate,” she cried out.

A rebound relationship is one that occurs shortly after the break-up of a significant love relationship. It generally happens when people break up then immediately involve themselves with someone else to prove to themselves that they are worthy of love. Engaging in another relationship instantly feeds their personal worth and reduces the pain of the loss and grief of the lost relationship.

The justification can often be that “oh, I am so needed in this relationship,” or even for others to see that they were not in the wrong, after all, they want to prove to themselves and those around them that they are certainly worthy of another’s love.

It is important to be true to yourself and explore whether your motives are sincere. If you had not just broken up with your ex, would you have ever dated the person you are now dating or are you simply feeding your ego? Living in denial? Have you taken the time to reflect, resolve the conflict with your previous partner and possibly explore all options for reconciliation?

It is worth remembering that sometimes the need to mask pain can drive you to more agony. This is the biggest problem in a rebound relationship. Usually, someone ends up being used and hurt as a result.

If you are in a relationship to distract yourself from the hurt of the broken heart, you will probably hurt yourself in the new relationship. Do yourself a favor and step aside, acknowledge your emotions and heal before being in another romantic relationship.

It is easy for one to sometimes mistake the comfort of the new relationship for romance and fantasize to suit their immediate needs; love and a sense of belonging. This state of affairs is temporary and the reality is that you might just be enjoying the difference of personalities and closing your eyes to the flaws of your new find. Whatever the case, wake up and save yourself the possible disappointment and pain.

May be you could probably be spending a significant amount of time focusing on your previous partner, wondering what could have gone wrong and you are making the right decision to engage in another relationship. You have many unanswered questions and dealing with many emotions.

Whenever you focus on your old relationship you are sabotaging the success of your present potential relationship so do yourself a favor and sort out what you need to before you move on!

Whatever the case, if you choose to end a relationship, do not engage in another relationship immediately. Take time to heal before you connect with another relationship and always seek to resolve issues where possible.

This season offers you a fresh opportunity have a fresh start, a clean slate. You can work on the change and excel as an individual in your relationships after all God grants us the desires of our hearts.

Why carry excess baggage? Leave it behind, you certainly will not need it in 2016. Embrace the new season, and thrive!

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