Love or Lust? How to Differentiate

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Love or Lust? How to Differentiate

Have you ever met someone who was so overwhelmingly desirable that you immediately wanted to jump his bones?

You become so strongly attracted to that person that you convince yourself that you are in love. What you think is love at first sight could actually be lust at first sight.

Strong sexual attraction can obstruct sound practical judgment. While navigating the dating scene, it is possible to misinterpret a fatal physically attraction as love.

Lust is driven by desire and is based solely on physical attraction. However, being in love doesn’t exclude lust. Lust is actually the first stage of falling in love. So, how do you distinguish between the two?

The following tips will help you figure out if you are madly in love or madly in lust.

Lust is an immediate feeling, while love grows over time.

There is no such thing as love at first acquaintance. I suspect that the person who coined the phrase ‘love at first sight’ was having trouble distinguishing love and lust as well.

It is only in the movies where two people glance at each other from across the bar and know that they were meant for one another.

Lust is not about long-term compatibility

If you feel head-over-heels crazy in love with a person you have just met, you are most definitely suffering from a severe case of lust.

When you are in lust, sex is just about the only thing you have in common

When you are inflamed with lust, you are only interested in having sex. The other person’s feelings, hopes, dreams and aspirations never come to play.

You never have deep meaningful conversations outside the bedroom

If you find that you never really discuss deep feelings with your lover, you might be in lust. You’ll end up leaving immediately after sex because there is nothing else the two of you can do together.

You only become affectionate when initiating sex

People who are genuinely in love will show each other affection at all times. However, when in lust, if the affection is not leading to sex, then it is just not worth the trouble. You will only kiss and hug your lover or hold his hand when you have got more on your mind.

Real couples crave all that mushy stuff even when sex is out of the question. Affection should not be seen as an opportunity for sex in healthy relationships. Constant groping of the boobs and booty is not affection!

When you describe your lover, you only talk about his physical attributes

Pure lust is based solely on physical attraction. You are totally focused on the person’s looks and body. If you find yourself always talking about his great abs, his sweet lips and toned muscles, you could be in lust.

People who are in love describe their partners’ real qualities first before getting into the physical attributes.

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