Spice up your love with a date night

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Spice up your love with a date night

A while back, I discussed affirmation as a language of love. I rejoice with you, my friends as your relationships grow and thrive, bravo! While there are many who care for words of affirmation, there are equally many whose need is beyond this and they simply require quality time with a loved one. For many, quality time is their primary love language, and if you don’t give them quality time, they will not feel loved. Is it possible that your spouse’s primary love language is quality time? It is about giving your significant other your undivided attention. Spice up your love with a date night. Quality time is a powerful emotional communicator of love.

It involves setting aside time and paying undivided attention to your significant other. It may also refer to time spent in some favorite activity.

You may have heard your partner saying this to you, “You no longer ever have time for me and the children. We used to do things together; I cannot even remember the last time we went out.

Now you are always too busy or too tired.” You simply need to communicate in a language of love your partner understands and in this case, it is quality time.

Martin remembers spending quality time with his wife as a thing of the past; “Before we got married, my wife and I were inseparable, we did everything together. She had a way of turning everything into fun. That changed drastically.

She’s engrossed in her life, her children, her friends, her career, her everything except me! We could spend hours together, just having small talk, dining. Our weekends were super.”

Listening to Martin, it was obvious he speaks the love language of quality time and for him to reconnect with his wife, she too needs to understand that quality time together is crucial for their relationship to growth and thrive.

The language of love, quality time demands for quality conversation too, attentive listening, unconditional love, sharing experiences, thoughts, and feelings, without fear or intimidation in a friendly atmosphere, uninterrupted context.

If your partner’s primary love language is quality time, it is crucial that you find time to meet their needs by making time for them which helps towards meeting their emotional needs.

In order to enjoy a fulfilling relationship, investing quality time for your loved ones is crucial; the gesture communicates love, care and commitment.

Although this seems like a simple language, finding time in the midst of the current day’s busy schedules can often be challenging. It is, therefore, necessary to structure your time together and keep one another accountable.

Beloved, every relationship needs quality time in order to bond, grow in intimacy and thrive. To keep your relationship healthy, you should keep the communication lines with your partner alive.

Make time daily, weekly and monthly, when both of you can exclusively spend time together. Points to remember;

1. Consider committing to a date-night on a regular weekly basis.

2. Identify a hobby that you can enjoy together.

3. Engage in some adventure -Try something new together occasionally

4. Find another couple that you can enjoy social interaction with.

5. Evaluate and monitor your progress periodically.

6. Reward your partner for their unconditional positive regard and spending quality time with you from time to time.

7. Keep one another accountable and whatever you do don’t blame your partner instead make it happen.

Enjoy quality time together and your relationship will grow..Live, love and thrive, because you deserve it!

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