Follow These Ways To Keep Him Completely, Utterly In Love With ONLY You

Follow These Ways To Keep Him Completely, Utterly In Love With ONLY You

Be Spontaneous

The best way to keep a guy interested is to always keep him guessing. Never do the same thing twice. Dress up in sexy outfits. Jump on him as he gets home from work and starts hooking up right there on the floor. Always be spontaneous.

Get Wild In Bed

The number one reason guys cheat is because they're not getting what they need from you. So make sure you g the extra mile in the bedroom. Don't be afraid to get wild and kinky. If he's so exhausted from hooking up with you, he won't have the energy to cheat!

Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Always be yourself. If you try too hard to be something you're not, you'll end up driving him away. Let your real personality shine through, and be confident that will be enough to keep him from going to other girls. Because it is!

Make His Friends Want You

The number one way to make guys think twice about going to their side chick is to get his friends interested in you. He'll see it and become very possessive over you, and will try to make sure you won't stray from him. It's a little naughty, but whatever.

Don't Get Whiny

One of the main reasons guys leave you for some quality time with their side chicks is because they can't stand your whining. Tone it down a little, be more relaxed and chill, and he won't want to get away from you every second. Just don't be whiny.

Don't Ask For Money

Also, don't be overly needy and be begging for money, handouts, and gifts all the time. The reason guys want to spend time with their side chick is because the side chick will never ask for these things; she knows her place. Be like her.

Get Tight With His Family

If you get really close with the guy's family, he'll definitely think twice about going to a side chick. This is because when you become his mom's best friend, his mom will totally yell at him if she finds out he's been cheating on you. And he doesn't want that.

Make Him Feel Like A King

The nest way to keep a guy from wandering off to his side chick's house is to make him feel like a king. Get him a beer from a fridge every now and then. Offer to do things for him with nothing in return. You don't have to grovel, just stroke his ego.

Don't Be Clingy

Clingy girls are a guy's worst nightmare. Don't be one of them. This is another huge reason guys want to get away from their girlfriends, it's because they're way too overbearing and possessive. Just relax and let him do his thing sometimes.

Cook For Him

This is just like making him feel like a king, but it involves a much more traditional thing. Cooking is a great way to show him what you have to offer outside of the bedroom. While he might be tempted to run off to his side chick, he won't do it if it means missing out on your awesome cooking.

Don't Let Him Misbehave

You have to remember, most guys have this fantasy where their girlfriend is actually okay with them cheating. They'll assume that you're okay with it unless you make it clear you don't like it. So when you see your guys flirting with a random girl, make sure he know's that's not okay.

Get Him Addicted

The best way to get a guy to stick by you is to get him addicted to you. Whether that's what you offer him in the bedroom, in the kitchen, or anywhere in between, that's up to you. But get him to to the point where he literally cannot live without you.
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