Wary of what social media can do to your character

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Wary of what social media can do to your character

Social media has changed the way we relate and connect through the internet. Whether or not this is for the better is debatable. Today, there is a high percentage of youth and adults who are addicted to their phones. Social media is the opiate that people use to numb the pain of reality.

Now, even personal scores are settled on this platform with screenshots being the new weapon. Even love stories are brewed here, but the bitter truth is that most are never genuine and have been a source of immeasurable pain for many a young woman.

The script is predictable. A guy is bored in the office, probably on a Monday afternoon. He idly checks his Facebook and sees suggestions of people he could befriend. A face catches his attention. She looks young. He clicks on her profile. Her timeline is full of selfies with pouting lips and ‘home alone with the dogs’ posts.

He imagines her pouted lips on his and sends a friend request. Because she is the type who plies the social media route like it’s paying her bills, minutes later she accepts his friend request. How could she not? He has posed next to a big machine in his profile picture, and did she read that he was at a beach resort last weekend? He excitedly hits her with a “hi” on her inbox. She replies. That marks the beginning of the new generation’s ideal getting to know each other.

Girls, be wary of what social media can do to your character and life. 

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