Here are a few simple things ladies look for in a man

Here are a few simple things ladies look for in a man

It is amazing how media is awash with what men fantasize about or look for in women. However, there exists very little information on what women look for in men. Men have these fantastic ideas of what an ideal woman should be.

Should this trend continue just because, as it is often said, it is a man’s world? I say, hell no! You should hear how men freely express their views in regard to what they want, and who is an ideal woman for this or that purpose. Some even get graphic in their explanations.

I know men like to say that they cannot understand women because we are complicated. That we say one thing and mean another.

So, we are different. But, gentlemen, woman aren’t exactly the great mystery that you often make the world believe.

Women are very simple. Their needs are very basic. Well, today I have decided to extend an olive branch to the male species, and help them navigate the dating minefield. I will try to explain what women look for in men.

Top on the list of any woman’s list is a faithful man. Women hate cheats. Secondly, a man who can provide. It is not rocket science, just the law of nature; it is a man’s duty to provide for his woman and his family. While love is all fine and dandy, it’s unfortunate that you can’t eat it! Painful, but very true.

Thirdly, we women all dream of a domesticated man. A man who knows his way around the house. A man who knows how to cook, clean and wash clothes. A man who can make supper for the family when his woman is unavailable. The days when women could do everything because they were stay-at-home mums are gone.

These days, women, like men, have careers. Thus, both men and women have to share household chores. When it comes to the bedroom, women have rights. Women are aware of their needs in that department. Good sex. Yes, stop rolling your eyes folks, women love sex. In fact, lots of it.

Those days of women lying still, and letting men have all the fun are gone. Women want a man who knows a thing or two about the bedroom, and is not afraid to ask his woman what she likes and how he can make it better for her. Today, you can’t afford to be stiff like a tree trunk between the sheets, and still expect to be tolerated.

Blind loyalty

There is nothing worse than a selfish bed mate! Then there is the issue of hygiene. Is asking for a hygienic man asking for too much? We want a man who remembers to bath at least once a day, and who knows how to wash his own underwear. And, yes, one who remembers to brush his teeth — regularly.

Women also like a man who listens. Even if it means pretending. Look, women love talking, and they don’t necessarily expect the same from men. All they need is someone who listens when they are talking. And when they tell you about how Flora the boss was mean to them, they expect your sympathy, them being in the wrong notwithstanding. Blind loyalty.

Well, we know romance is dead, and was probably buried in the 90s. But a man who puts in a little effort is a plus.

Take us out for dates, call us during the day to find out how we are doing, write us poems, cook for us, and buy roses even when it is not Valentine’s Day.
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