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Many times I find myself in a critical circumstance with my friends. Being surrounded by campus girls who like dating, partying and having fun in general, it's more than complicated. They either expect you to be dating or partying. Sometimes they pose uncomfortable questions to you because they want to know who is your crash or if at all you are dating.

Being this city girl, bold and sassy am expected to be dating.Yes, you will also agree with me that the community and its environment also puts you into this awkward state of dating, saying it is an abomination for one to be single. This is such a stupid reason for one to get into a relationship. The peak of the situation comes when you break loose from a relationship. It’s not easy to recollect yourself and just move on to another relationship that first.Ok maybe for some people it can work but not for everyone. Let’s just say it doesn’t work for me completely.

At times people don’t get it, they forget that the wound is too deep and it needs a proper treatment and care for it to heal. This is something serious remember, it’s not just the heart but also the mind breaks too. The wound that was created by you has to be healed. I understand that if a wound is not well treated then it’s likely to rot and the only cure is to cut the rotten part and do away with. Your wound may be physical, emotional and even psychological. So one need enough time to gather all broken pieces, put them together and be whole again. Most people after their first heartbreak they need to attend classes or use tutorial so as to understand how to trust and love again.

Always take time, think through again. Are you ready to love? After all being single is not being lonely. Single people don’t worry about their partners. They have time to love themselves. But don’t remain single forever.

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