25 things you’ll experience about life after 25

25 things you’ll experience about life after 25
Every decade has its own set of happy moments and challenges, and as you near your 30s, not only will you feel excited about starting a new chapter of your life, but you’ll feel some sadness as you wave goodbye to one of the most epic decades of your life, your 20s, while being appreciative of all you’ve learned.

Here are 25 things you’ll experience about life after 25:

  1. The world is not at all rosy, or fair, or completely good or completely bad
  2. Words and ideas have consequences and realizing this makes you more mindful of what you say or think
  3. You probably won’t have it all figured out, but you’ll be comforted by the knowledge that everything will work out
  4. You’ll be more settled in who you are
  5. You’ll have a clearer vision of what you want to do with your life
  6. You’re a professional with valuable work experience. High 5!
  7. You’re either thinking about pursuing that second, third, fourth degree, or you’re doing it already
  8. You’ve probably changed careers as you’ve let go of fear and started pursuing your dreams
  9. And doing this is quite the costly exercise as you experience a cut in salary and the perks of a comfortable and steady job
  10. You’re either an entrepreneur or on the road to pursuing entrepreneurship
  11. You take calculated risks and less haphazard ones as you realize that you have actual responsibilities
  12. Life becomes more expensive as you grow older
  13. Your days of paying rent are either over or coming to an end as you become wealthy enough to be a homeowner
  14. Attending baby showers, bridal showers, bachelor parties, and weddings are a norm
  15. You’re probably married with at least one child
  16. And if you aren’t, you’re in a stable relationship with someone you’re building a future with
  17. Breakups are even more horrible because you prepare yourself to be with someone that you love for the long run
  18. You read a lot more parenting blogs and websites now
  19. You’re okay with your friendship circles being small because you value quality relationships over having millions of people in your life
  20. You value chilled out weekends, either by yourself or with family and friends, over partying and drinking all night
  21. You actually use weekends to recuperate from the hectic work week, which is now a constant feature in your life
  22. Leading a healthy lifestyle is your priority as you realize that being healthy is important
  23. You discover the awesomeness of solo travel
  24. You begin to value experiences over material things
  25. You realize that success is so much more holistic than having lots of money. It includes mental, physical and emotional health, family, friends and content with work and who you are.
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