Do You Have a Good CV? Here Is How It Should Be

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Do You Have a Good CV? Here Is How It Should Be

Your CV goes before you to speak to your potential employer...make sure it is good. You cannot afford to have a "one size fits all CV" and expect to receive invitations for job interviews. You need to properly plan for any position you apply for. Structure your CV according to the profile of the candidate the company is looking for.

If you are a graduate without experience, look for work which will pay you nothing for you to get experience. Six months is not bad for attachment or even a year. Then you can use that experience as a spring for bigger opportunities.

What does a great CV look like??? Simple, it provides the solution for the employer. When the employer is hiring, he looks for the solution for the challenges he is facing in a particular area. Your job is to show yourself as the solution for the problems any company is facing. How do you know the problems? Check the profile of the ideal candidate and also the expectations and Job Description or Specification. All these will lead you to understand the challenges faced by any organization and will help you in developing an appropriate CV.

Do not just list down "duties and responsibilities" in your CV. That is typical of a lot of CVs. What were your achievements? what did you accomplish in the short time you worked at the organization? Did you introduce a new system, process, document, anything??? we want to know about it.

All the best as you write that great CV.

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