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The current state of affairs in this country are to yet to make Kenyans angry enough to rise up and face the actions of those in government by the worst. In a democracy where the rule of law is being murdered and executed in the most rotten way ever, the subjects have no options than to rise up and stage a VIOLENT REVOLUTION against the same institutions in power.

Today all the major arms of government are leading in CORRUPTION. Top from the heart of Presidency in the Ministry of Devolution and many others where there had been regular complaints and dismissals of people because of allegations of graft. The JUDICIARY is also recent on trial. JUSTICE for sale is the order of the day in this country. Talking of legislature, it's the most rotten arm of government looking on the way they execute their mandate of amending and making laws not looking on the effect on the same laws and their impact on the country but doing the same depending on their political alliances interests.

The day Kenyans will be angry enough we won't have any other option than to go the Egypt way. Where the subjects get into the streets and chase these self-interested leaders out of office forcefully. It happened in Cote'dvoire and today the country has sober leaders leading the country. It has happened also in Burkina Faso where citizens rose and set parliament buildings ablaze forcing the rotten government out of office. It's time we wake up and do things the AFRICAN way.

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