Message To Fellow Countrymen And Leaders

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Message To Fellow Countrymen And Leaders

It gives me great pleasure to share my message with my fellow countrymen in such a time when we are having serious insecurity issues.

Insecurity which is strongly associated with corrupt conduct is likely to escalate and lead to economic ruin. Public services will suffer and contribute to poverty and the indignity of our people. The effects of corruption are huge and demeaning. Indeed, corruption has been identified as the main obstacle to the realization of good governance, sustainable development, and Millennium Development Goals. It has great ramifications on the political, economic, social and cultural well-being of societies.

The rights and fundamental freedoms provided in Chapter Four of the Constitution and the various Articles under that Chapter whose aim is to promote the welfare of Kenyans are likely to be hugely impeded if corruption is not checked.

We ought to equip ourselves for the journey ahead, we must think smart and plan carefully. We must implement programs as scheduled and we must also work very hard. Equally important, we must pay our taxes to raise resources to implement development projects. Tied to this, we must fight the menace called corruption decisively with serious resolve so that available resources are invested for the common good rather than the indulgence of a few corrupt fellows. We must not forget that unity and sound leadership are a necessary condition for success. We must, therefore, carefully reflect on the leadership of this country as well as the management of our diversity as a nation.

Leaders, you should not try to deceive our people that socialism will bring things from Heaven easily. Every single person in this country must be prepared to sacrifice. I mean in the sense that we must be prepared to work hard and to save and invest. If we are not prepared to do it voluntarily, this blog has declared that this State is entitled to enforce people to work, to enforce savings, to enforce people and even Members of Parliament to pull their weight.

Let me end by a quotation by Helen Keller, which states;
“The world is moved not only by the mighty shoves of the heroes but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.”

Thank you and God bless Kenya.

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