Signs that you are in the friend zone

Signs that you are in the friend zone

One may begin an interaction hoping to find mutual love, only to find themselves securely trapped in this unfortunate bind. Here the signs to watch out for...

They ask you to help them meet other people, romantically.

If the spirit of denial is strong within you, you may interpret this as a sign that they want you to keep chasing them. Unfortunately, no, they actually do want your help finding their dream partner, and it is not you.

You speak from a lonely distance.

If you principally talk to them through texts, email, social media, general waves at some events, or smoke signals, well… love will not be knocking on your door soon. Texting buddy does not a lover make. You may someday hear a tale of someone who managed to tweet their way into someone’s heart but the odds of this are slim to none. Truly meaningful connections happen in person despite the hype towards the latter.

You are a walking pillow that they cry on.

If this speaks to you, then you’re in some pretty dire straits as I am sure you already know. If they cry with you about another person, it is not because they are getting ready to jump into a better deal with you. They don’t want to be saved. They want to be with the person they are complaining about but they need you to tell them that they are going to be okay and to reassure them that they are in fact as lovable as you keep telling them they are. It isn’t about wanting love, romance, or sex from you.
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