Do you believe in love at first sight, or do you think that it’s a silly phenomenon that love-crazed people have created?

Well, according to scientists, the concept of love, at first sight, is just one of many things that occur in the brain when you meet someone that you’re attracted to.

In a nutshell, both passion and sexual desire spark increased activity in the subcortical brain areas that are associated with euphoria, reward, and motivation. They also spark an increase in activity in the cortical brain areas that are involved in self-representation and social cognition.

Love also activates dopamine-rich regions in your brain which are involved in motivation, reward expectancy, and habit formation. This explanation ties in with psychological studies that have defined love as a rewarding, positive, and motivating experience. Interestingly, different parts of your brain are activated by feelings of love rather than sexual desire.

Not sure if you are experiencing love at first sight? How do you know it’s love at first sight?  Here are signs to help you determine whether your chemistry says ‘Yes.’

1. Your stomach flutters

Those matchmaker chemicals are busy again, this time releasing adrenaline into your veins so that when it is released, you get all the ‘feels.’  And if the chemistry is making its love at first sight trick on you, you can expect powerful butterflies.

2. It feels as though you’ve met them before

If you’ve ever had the feeling that you’ve met someone before, and it’s coupled with some of the other signs of love at first sight, chances are it is love at first sight.

3. Nerves kick in when you are around them

If looking at this person makes you stutter or feel your nerves prickling, it’s a sign that your chemistry is locked in and ready for you to recognize love at first sight.

4. You are confused by your reaction

You are drawn to this person, and you just don’t know why because they are far from your ‘norm,’ but you are so attracted to them.

5. You are compelled to talk to them

So your magical chemical force has drawn you in, brought this person to your attention, made you feel weird, and now you have an unstoppable desire to go and speak to them, despite being a nervous wreck. Yup, that’s love at first sight.

6. You can’t get them out of your head

If it’s real love at first sight, and they’ve made it into your mind, trust us, they will not be leaving your thoughts any time soon.  No way, no how. You are stuck with them permanently on your mind. And truth be told, you are probably going to enjoy the ride.

7. You are given attention too

If it’s seriously a mutual love at first sight and not merely one of the infatuation or attraction at first sight signs, you will also receive attention from the person. It could be a mere gaze or a smile as a signal of readiness to take things forward. 

8. You smile thinking about them

If you often smile thinking about them, that sense of euphoria is also a sign of love at first sight. Love is about the sense of happiness and fulfillment in life, and if the person you saw can give that to you, there is nothing like it.

9. You experience a sense of familiarity

You don’t feel the sense of strangeness with the person. That person can give you comfort despite being a stranger. This sense of familiarity is one of the love at first sight signs from a guy or girl. When you meet them, you are comfortable sharing your opinions and communicating with them. 

10. You feel your heart racing

Very similar to having butterflies in your tummy, if you also feel that your heart is skipping beats, this is a clear indication of one of the physical symptoms of love at first sight. Your heart beats fast, and you want to blurt out your feelings for the person.

11. You can’t stop thinking about them

In love, people often lose the sense of time and space. They are lost in their world. If this is also happening to you for the person you have just met and you can’t take them out of your head, it means you fell in love at first sight. 

12. You get a sudden urge to see/ meet them

One of the sure signs of love at first sight is when you want to meet the person all the time. You can’t keep them out of your head and can’t stop meeting them and keep thinking about ways and excuses to see them again. 

13. You find them extremely attractive 

You appreciate the way they look. You find their personality and look attractive. Beauty is subjective, and what pleases you might not please others. So, even if your friends have a different opinion than yours, they are all you can think of.

14. You visualize yourself with them

Not only do you find them attractive, but you also want to spend your time with them. You think of a prospective relationship and want your future together.

If thoughts of togetherness run in your head and you have already painted a happy picture, it is love.

15. You don’t care about the type and match

You don’t care if you both are a perfect match or are compatible physically, emotionally, or financially. You know that you really like the person a lot and are already planning a future together. 

You are thinking of ways to express your feelings and give them a shot, despite not knowing enough about the person.

16. You feel relaxed around them

It is a feeling you can’t explain. Even as you feel nervous around them and feel the butterflies in your stomach, you still feel relaxed and safe around them. You feel like you can be yourself when you are around them.

17. You feel in sync

You have just met this person, but you already feel in sync with them, as if you both have been on the same page for a really long time. This could be one of the signs that you have fallen in love at first sight.

18. Your body language changes

Did you realize you are smiling too much around them? Do you start playing with your hair or watch your shoulders relax when around them? 

When you fall in love at first sight, your body language is likely to change around this person.

19. You can see no one else

When you fall in love at first sight, the rest of the world, apart from this person, ceases to exist. You can see no one else in the room except them because, at this moment, no one else matters.

20. You are curious about them

When you fall in love at first sight, you want to know more about this person. You would want to learn more about who they are, what they do, their likes and dislikes, and more.

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