You know, I feel like my man is one of many men who have been driven to delusion by pu**y.

That idiot has been cheating on me so many that I’ve lost count. I’ve seen the messages on his phone from people with coded names, and my friends have been giving me a heads up about him.

I don’t know why he’s being ungrateful, acting like my love isn’t enough for him when in fact, I made him into the man he is today. He was lowly worm when I met him back in college, academically smart but with a non-existent self-esteem because of his daddy issues. I fed him when his fridge ran dry and clothed him when fish moths devoured the little clothes he had. I taught him how to be sociable, how to love himself and how to enjoy life.

I invested so much of my time into this relationship that he must be crazy to think that I would give it up easily. Besides, he’s the only person who truly loves me. We’ve spent 5 years building a family and a life together, and we’re supposed to get married and grow our family.

I know that this seems out of character because I’m the epitome of a modern successful woman who has everything together. I’ve got all the education and money in the world, and a high social status among my peers. But behind closed doors, I feel like I have to work hard to receive love and I’m afraid of being alone. I’m afraid of being less of a woman because I couldn’t keep my man.

I don’t know what it is about me that drives him into the arms of other women, but I’m not prepared to sit and watch that happen.

In my desperation to save my relationship, I sought the counsel of a traditional healer, and she recommended that I use potion which she gave me. She said that it's a powerful love potion that will have him back in love with me, like how it was in our earlier days. He will worship the ground I walk on, and no other woman will win the affections of his heart or penis. I will once again be his true love.

However, korobela is not without side effects. The traditional healer told me that I might get tired of him being the “yes” man, always agreeing with me and rarely picking a fight. I should kiss “me time” goodbye because he will never leave my side.

She said that I need to put a few drops of the potion in his food and drink to let the love begin. The potion doesn’t come cheap, costing me over 15K per shot, and I need to use it for a lifetime because the power of the potion wears off after 3 months.

After my meeting with the traditional healer, I dropped my plans of going on a weekend retreat with my girls and decided that it would be best to spend the weekend fixing my relationship.

My man was meant to be home alone, but when I walked into the house, I saw clothes lying all over the staircase leading to our bedroom. In a fit of rage, I marched to our bedroom, flung open the door and saw him in bed with another man.

I wonder if the potion is still worth using on a man who no longer wants to be with me because I am a woman.
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