5 Growth Distractions Start-ups you should know and Avoid

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5 Growth Distractions Start-ups you should know and Avoid

Your experience is your own, but I suggest that you think about building a different type of company. This means pushing aside everything you read about building companies today and do your best to avoid these five distractions: 

Distraction 1: Raising lots of money 

The quest for money will overshadow the goal of building a viable business. Self-fund your business as possible as you can. 

Distraction 2: Building the bare minimum 

Focused on building the most stripped-down product just to get to market? This breeds an employee culture that is about cutting corners, rather than delivering what is truly loved. 

Distraction 3: Hiring a sales team 

Traditional salespeople focus on monetary gains, often without fully knowing the product. This makes it difficult to deliver real customer value. So, take the focus off money. 

Distraction 4: Renting expensive office space 

The money you spend on office space matters. Hire the best people you can wherever they may be. 

Distraction 5: Eating steak and lobster 

Extravagance pulls your focus from the only thing that should matter. It is easy to get distracted but staying grounded and in control will give you the best chance for success.

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