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African couples, particularly women, have been enjoying out-of-this-world sexual intimacy with this ancestral sexual technique.

This is a technique that enables women to experience intense multiple orgasms through the correct stimulation of the vagina. It has been the ancestral love-making practice of central Africa, mainly in Rwanda, Burundi, eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo and western parts of Uganda and Tanzania.

This technique came about during the third dynasty rule when a royal guard and the queen chose to get intimate, but the guard became anxious about failing to please her and resorted to rubbing his penis against her labia and clitoris to ensure her satisfaction.

The tradition has been passed down orally from generation to generation, but recently, Rwandan sex expert, Dr. Nsekuye Bizimana has brought knowledge of the practice into the mainstream sexual health space in order to help women who have trouble experiencing an orgasm.

Gentle vaginal stimulation still remains as the basic principle of this technique. According to the technique explained by Dr Bizimana, the man to holds his penis between his index and middle fingers and uses the head to tap his partner’s clitoris, labia and vaginal opening. The best motion to use is a circular one, and it’s advised that women use lubrication to increase pleasure and prevent pain from dryness.

After a certain level of arousal, the man proceeds to stimulate the internal surfaces of the urinary meatus or external urethral orifice (popularly known as the G-Spot), clitoris, vulval vestibule, labia minora and the vaginal opening in the same circular manner with the tip of his penis.

This is usually followed by penetration, with the male partner alternating shallow thrusts at the vaginal opening with deeper thrusts while maintaining exaggerated circular movements between vaginal walls. The movement is facilitated by holding the penis between the middle and the index finger and moving it in a circular motion.

It won’t take long for a woman to experience intense multiple orgasms and ejaculation, and both partners will definitely feel exhilarated.

Couples who have tried this technique swear by it, saying that it has revolutionised women’s sexual pleasure and overall intimacy between partners. So ladies, go on and get your multiple orgasms, and gents get yours too while enjoying the awesomeness of your partner.

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