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This post is to educate people on how you must prepare for a job interview not just by the papers but you can carry if any apply, presentation as well. 

When a candidate takes time to look good for an interview, it counts for a lot. I tell people that there is no ugly person. Beauty is like seasons. There is no bad season, just different types of good seasons. Make every effort to look good and you will get the job with the correct qualifications and a dose of intelligence.

I know of a man with only a certificate in social work yet working as a manager in a bank. Who cheated you that nice positions are only for master degree holders? Try out different positions and you will get the job...I should tell you to go to school because more doors will open for you.

Secondly, know the parts of your body that are most attractive and make use of that.

1. If you are tall, walk straight with shoulders spread. Research has it that tall people get better paid than short people.

2. If you have good lips put on some nice lipstick or lip gloss to give that nice shiny look.

3. If it is your face...let it be seen, look up and look in the eyes of the people talking to you. That goes for those with good looking eyes as well.

4. If you have a nice deep voice, we need it for management positions, speak up.

5. Do not bleach your skin or tattoo your body... it gives a bad impression. Also, do not drag your feet when walking. Looking down is a lack of confidence; you will not get the job.

6. If you have a structure that is wow…get clothes that will give people the “wow feeling”.

7. When shaking hands, let the handshake be strong, guys should not crush the women though. A good strong handshake sends positive vibes to men and women alike.

8. If you have nice legs, do not wear socks let people see them legs…mind your skirt, do want to be employed on merit and not the length of your skirt. Nice high heels go perfectly well with good looking legs. Do not wear high heels you have difficulties walking in them.

9. Do not wear a slim fit suit if your belly is big. Also, slim fit suits make some men look funny. Chose the cut of suit carefully knowing your body structure.

10. Mind the cut of shirt you wear. Some people look really good in slim fit and others look best in a regular fit.

11. Mind those brown shoes – especially men. Some brown shoes are better left for Saturdays.

12. Men, avoid wearing a red shirt, or green trousers or purple suit.

13. White or blue shirt, Black, deep blue or gray suit are good colors.

Your beautiful features are your competitive advantage over other people. Feel confident about your looks and the rest is child play even if you do not get the job.

When a candidate is given the mind of the interviewer, he or she is better able to prepare for the interview. I try to give you the mind of the interviewer.

For those preparing for an interview, you can either learn and apply or criticize. Either way, you will still go for the interview and what I have talked about will apply.

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