How to Serve a Romantic Breakfast in Bed

How to Serve a Romantic Breakfast in Bed

Serving breakfast in bed to, your significant other, is probably one of the most romantic things you can do

Serving your spouse breakfast in bed is not only good for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day but also on regular mornings too! The occasion determines how elaborate the breakfast is going to be and who going to be involved in the preparation.

Kids can chip in in the preparations for mother’s day or father’s day breakfasts. It is an opportunity for them to show their love and appreciation to their mom and dad. If the kids are young they can perform simple, manageable tasks such as squeezing oranges. This breakfast may not be elaborate but as long as the gesture comes from the heart, your partner will remember it for a long time to come.

What to Make for Breakfast in Bed

A simple, easy-to-prepare breakfast can get the point across just as well as an elaborate breakfast. Pancakes with a topping, French toast, scrambled eggs, strawberries and cream, cereal and fresh fruit are all tasty breakfast dishes that do not require too much time to prepare. They can be accompanied by a cup of coffee, fresh fruit juice or a fruit smoothie. Healthier breakfast options include scrambled egg whites, oatmeal, and yogurt.

Serving the best breakfast

Use a breakfast-in-bed tray to avoid getting crumbs all over the bed. Alternatively, a tablecloth spread over the bed which can serve the same purpose.

You can make the breakfast more romantic by adding a love note to the set-up just to remind your partner how you feel about your marriage to him or her.

Also, have the morning newspaper, a magazine or your spouse’s favorite movie ready just in case he or she wakes up long before you are done preparing the breakfast. This will keep your mate entertained for as long as you need to prepare and serve their breakfast in bed.
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