Islam is not terrorism. And terrorism is not Islam

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Islam is not terrorism. And terrorism is not Islam

Islam. When I think of Islam, I think of peace, love, and unity. Not terrorism.

Muslims around the world are viewed as treacherous, barbaric beasts that pose an astronomical threat on the lives around them. Why? Because one terrorist group claims to be committing these grotesque acts in the 'name of Islam'? This is like blaming every German for the acts of Hitler.

Open your eyes, everyone. This is not peace, love, and unity. This is not Islam. This is terrorism. And we are all affected by it. Do you not realize Muslims are the biggest victims of terrorism? Out of the top ten countries battling terrorism, eight of them are Muslim states.

We are with you. Muslims need your help. And you need ours. The only way to conquer terrorism is by standing together. We must become one.

Islam is my religion, my faith, my everything and I promise you, we are not terrorists. We are not savages that love to kill. We are just normal people, like you. We are people who have to suffer the heinous crimes of the evil, like you.

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