Dear gentlemen, most of the time, women don’t play hard to get. They’re just not interested in entering into a relationship with you.

Women can almost immediately tell when a guy has fallen for them, and if they don’t feel the same way, they will give you hints to show their disinterest, or they will be straight-forward and tell you the truth about how they feel.

So gents, if you notice these below hints, it means that the woman you’re pursuing is not into you.

If she mostly ignores your texts and messages over social media, chances are that she’s not too excited to chat with you. And if phone calls mostly consist of awkward conversation where no one knows what to say to the other person, then maybe you guys are incompatible. When you really like someone, you’re happy to talk to them and conversation doesn’t feel forced.

If you’re always trying to set up dates and she frequently declines, it means that she’s trying to spend as little time as possible with you. If you really like someone and want to get to know them better, you’ll make time for them regardless of how busy you are.

If you decide to take the plunge to tell the woman you’re pursuing that you like her and she tells you that she’s not ready for a relationship or that she would rather be friends with you, it means that she’s not into you. It also means that she doesn’t see a future with you, so don’t bother pursuing her further.

I believe that the best way to go about pursuing a new relationship and to let someone down easy is, to be honest about your feelings. There’s no need to be afraid of rejection if you’re a guy because taking a risk is all about being open to rejection, and there’s no need to be dishonest about your feelings as a woman because being honest about your feelings is the more mature thing to do.

So gents, look out for these signs to decipher whether or not the woman you’re pursuing is into you, and ladies, be honest with a potential suitor about how you feel.
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