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Kissing is a great part of sexual intimacy.

Just writing about it gives me goosebumps

Wouldn’t you say that the best intimate moments between you and your partner have come from making eye contact, with your hearts racing with passion before your lips finally meet, gently caressing each other?

It’s too awesome!

I believe that kissing is an integral starting part of foreplay, especially for women because the vagina is lubricated through foreplay, which makes sexual intercourse comfortable and pleasurable.

So gents, if you want to get your partner into the mood, these are five of the best places on her body to kiss.

The most obvious place is the lips because that’s the beginning point. Make sure that you savor the moment by taking your time and by enjoying the sensual nature of the kiss. At this point, you should feel a sense of deeper intimacy with your partner, coupled with the rising intensity of blood rushing through your and your partner’s body as things get heated.

You can move down from the lips to your partner’s outer ear to caress very gently. It creates a delicate yet awesome sensation.

From there, move onto the neck and kiss it gently to increase the intensity of the sensual moment. The neck is an erogenous zone that heightens the sexual feelings of both men and women, so it’s a great spot to caress to turn up the heat.

It is only natural to descend to the hidden gems, the breasts, from the neck. Tenderly kissing the nipples creates an indescribable pleasure, even for men. The pleasure could quite easily lead to a mini orgasm.

Off-course you can trail down to the area that houses the delectable flower. You need not worry too much about how to caress the flower as your sexual instincts will kick in and lead you in the right direction.

The female body is a work of art that should be explored and enjoyed. So ladies, do allow your special one to caress and find those erogenous zones for your pleasure.

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