The Missing Piece In Many Marriages In Africa

The Missing Piece In Many Marriages In Africa

If you want your wife to be a woman who doesn’t keep so many friends, a woman who makes sure the house is in order, a woman who makes sure that you are well fed, one responsive to your sexual needs and naughty in bed when need be: then you simply need find this 'missing piece' in your wife.

Lack of sexual gratification in marriages is a major cause of cheating and divorce all over the world. As a society, we have negated sex so much so that it is even deemed dirty for a woman to be good in sex. In principle and as a Christian, I am against every form of sex outside marriage: however, I believe there is no limitation on a husband and wife as far as sex is concerned.

In our society, women can’t ask for the kind of sex they want from their husbands without fear of being judged.

Men on the other hand tend to look outside for that wild sex which side-chicks don’t think twice to offer but wives remain reluctant to give because the very husband who seeks it will start asking questions like: where did she learn it, has she done it with someone else and what have you.

In marriage, a husband and a wife have total access to their bodies and can enjoy any style of sex they desire. With such a woman for a wife, it will be difficult for a sane minded man to look outside his marriage. This is not an excuse for cheaters, people cheat largely because they want to but some things added to marriage will reduce it drastically.

In fact, marriages are suffering because women are rare to find.
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