13 SIMPLE acts that can foster romance, and make love fun!

1. When he comes home, unbutton his shirt while caressing his chest, his abs,
2. Dress each other too, e.g. when she is dressing up, offer to dress her playfully too.
3. When s/he least excerpts, give a sudden kiss on the cheek, or neck.
4. During the night when you go to bed, and it is cold, when you find him/her uncovered, cover him/her and give him/her a tender kiss on the cheeks or lips. She/he will feel it in the dream.
5. Old is GOLD. Despite digital life, go analog at times e.g. drop a love note where she/he will see it. Write a simple love letter and place it under the pillow for her to see during the day, or him to see when he returns.
6. Take photos together as often as possible, and have a library of photos of your best moments together. Memories are made this way.
7. Mimic each other while talking, so how you will giggle and laugh at each other for that simple sheer fun.
8. Pat each other as often as you can e.g. when she is passing by, pat her butt, when he is passing by, pat his back.
9. Chase each other around the house, even if its one room, you can still do it e.g. when he wants to take something from you, let him come for it from you playfully.
10. “Fight” with pillows, even if it's just a few seconds fight. Throw each other pillows on the bed.
11. Wrestle each other, compete who is “stronger” (I know men are, but hey, just let her subdue you to bed and let her ‘win’)
12. Draw characters on each other’s back, when s/he least expects.
13. Blow his/her neck from behind when s/he least expects. Watch the reaction.

Generally, romance is a lifestyle. You need not do all this in a single day, you need not even set time for romance; just learn it. I wonder people keep asking me, “Where will I get all this time?” YET most get time to scroll their husbands' phones for hours looking for a nonexistent illicit affair, or spend hours betting for money he will never win!

Prioritize each other’s, love.
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