Divorce is not an Option for Me But I Have Come Up With a Plan

Divorce is not an Option for Me But I Have Come Up With a Plan

My husband is hurting me badly with his cheating ways. Divorce is not an option for me as I have nowhere else to go. Where will I go with our three children? After working hard and slaving with my husband to get to where he is now, how will I start all over?

But here is my plan and please do not judge me.

Even if I leave with my kids, knowing who my husband is, I don’t think he will pay child support. This means I will be left alone to fend for the children all by myself.

My kids already have very good lives as they have it all at their disposal: good international schools, holiday trips abroad during summer, access to expensive co-curricular activities like piano, soccer, swimming, you name it.

If I leave my husband who cheats openly without remorse, how will I be able to pay for all these? I don’t want to take these luxuries away from my children without being able to provide same. So, I came up with a plan.

Will be it OK to jazz my husband so he can have eyes only for me and forsake all other women? My friends are doing it and it seems to be working. I am afraid because I do not know whether this will backfire. I’ve spoken to an aunt about it who took me to this ‘prophet’ she knows.

He gave me a certain keg of water to wash my private part with. I am into wash it into a bowl and then use the water to cook my hubby’s favorite meal. He said my husband will become all mine such that I will come back to thank him with a gift.

What is stopping me now is I don’t know if this will backfire and how it can backfire.

Courtesy: Motherhood in style
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