For how long should I endure abuse for the sake of my children?

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Please, I need some honest advice here. When they tell women to endure in marriage, how long should that be for?

I have been married for nearly 3 years now. I have a 2 years-old baby and pregnant at the moment. The issue is I have been experiencing abuse by my husband for a while now. This includes physical, verbal and even financial abuse.

We have had a lot of marital issues recently so much that my dad and his dad had to come to our house to try and settle our differences but this has not really helped.

A few weeks ago, he shouted at my dad over the phone and told me it was my dad who shouted at him. I told him he shouldn’t have done that no matter how angry he might have been. He hasn’t spoken to my dad since then.

My brother’s traditional wedding is coming up next weekend and he has said I can’t travel with the baby because I am pregnant and he is worried about my health (I never told him I am unwell). I told him my family will like to see the baby and he said that they can come to us if they want to see him.

Last week, I was crying on the phone to my mum because I couldn’t believe I might miss my brother’s wedding. He came over to me, snatched the phone and shouted at my mum asking her to stop calling me. Later that day, he went out and I sent him a text asking why he hates my family so much and telling him I will never forgive him for disrespecting my parents.

The next day, he blocked my calls and text messages on my phone (he got me a contract phone). He said it was because of the messages I sent him and he doesn’t want any family interference in our marriage.

Recently, he has started praying and going to church frequently but it hasn’t changed his attitude and approach to our issues. Please, how can he possibly be praying for peace in our home when he is ignoring the issues at hand and he knows I am unhappy at the moment. I am seriously considering leaving him.

My family is worried for me especially my dad who has health issues. How can I forgive him? On the other hand, I am worried about my children growing up without their father. For how long can I endure this?

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