Help! My husband wants a divorce because I don’t want to circumcise our daughter

Real African woman

He was kind as well, very caring and almost anything any girl could wish for. We talked about marriage and about a year later, we got married. At that point, I was 25. We gave ourselves a couple of months before we started trying for kids and soon after, we got pregnant and we had our beautiful daughter (I’d rather not mention her name).

The problem now is it’s been 4 months since my baby girl has been born and every single day Of this four months, Abdul has asked me whether my daughter and I are ready for our baby’s circumcision. He has threatened to take her from me one day and go and circumcise her at his grandmothers' place. He has also threatened To divorce me if I don’t circumcise our daughter already.

I’m absolutely tired of this. I don’t know if I should just take my daughter and run away. I really don’t want my daughter to go through such pain and agony in life. How can you want to circumcise a female child in this era? Please, help I really don’t understand.

Please advice me. Put this in your blog and let your readers tell me what to do please . I beg you.

Thank you very much.
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