Insult me all you want, but tell me the truth: How do I get my husband back?

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Since I got married three years ago, I have been having issues with my husband. I have been moving in and out of my matrimonial home each time we fight. I always end up spending between two to three month in my parent’s house later return to my husband home after apologizing and begging.

In 2014 my husband trickily parked all my belongings and sent me to my parent’s home. He said he was tired of all my troubles and I once attacked him with a broken bottle during one of our fights.

I apologized afterward; he forgave me and he took me back after spending about 3 months in my parent’s house.

Sometime this year we had another disagreement which made him see another reason to send me out. What happened was that we had a near death experience while we were traveling by road. He was driving and said I did not allow him to get enough sleep before embarking on the long journey. 

According to him, I am the reason our vehicle swerved off the road. There were minor damages to the car though and we survived. This generated a lot of arguments and disagreement that made me tell him that I was more than fed up and wanted to leave. So, I decided to pack all my belongings out of our house. It’s been seven months since I moved out and he has not bothered to ask after my well being.

Meanwhile, I learned from a close source that he is having affair with a woman who may likely be pregnant for him. I have not been able to have a child for him since we got married.

Despite all our quarrels, I want my home back, but my parents are insisting that I forget him. They say he doesn’t love me again. Insult me all you want, but tell me the truth.

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