How kids change relationships

How kids change relationships

I mean, for better, of course, but still, in the sleep-deprived state you go through with the arrival your child, it may just do you some good to keep in mind that having a newborn can also drastically affect your relationship with your partner in a few ways such as…

You will become a team always in action.

The tag-team approach begins with a baby’s cry, the one that pierces the night and shatters any sleep you were envisioning ahead of you. Team work starts with you passing a diaper and wipes to your partner, then he kicks into high or low gear, changes baby, swaddles the baby and hand her off to you for feeding, and the sessions ends approximately 45 minutes later when you place baby back to bed slowly in hopes of crawling back in your own bed.

You will bond in episodes.

With a new born, it is almost difficult to have special time with your partner for hours. So when a few seconds arise take them whole heartedly because you never know what the next minute with bring with it. Baby might decide to take all your attention and energy. When she lies down to sleep, catch up with your loved one, talk while changing diapers or when mom is nursing the baby.

You become contestants of “Survivor: Newborn Edition” in your mind.

While you may think that your relationship will become stretched out in some shapeless form, it may also surprise you to find that you and your partner will bond together in the toughest reality show – your life. Surviving life with a newborn is one of the hardest work you will ever do and in a weird way, it bonds you together when you can commiserate over the sleepless nights, poopy diaper explosions, and midnight feedings.

You will delight when the other one gets pooped on.

The bodily functions that may have once revolted you will now become a source of merriment when your innocent, beautiful little baby deposits an entire feeding-full of poop onto your partner with no warning whatsoever. Especially, when you try to warn your partner that they really need to put the clean diaper underneath the dirty one so that the baby doesn’t pee on the bed. Just in case he doesn’t listen, what do you say? Told you so, honey.

You will wonder how he can ever look at you normally again.

I mean, honestly, after what your body went through and continue to go through in the postpartum phase, It’s normal to have a hard time believing that your partner doesn’t look at you like some kind of freak show. It could probably be the folding stomach that can cover your baby like a kangaroo, so your body confidence is not 100%. But the most amazing thing is Mums bounce back and the romance kick back in. Let’s just keep telling ourselves that he will be in awe of your body, not repulsed by it, OK?

Man + baby = A sight to behold.

There’s just something incredibly irresistible about a man and a baby, isn’t there? And if you don’t believe it, have your man accompany you to the supermarket and then stand approximately ten feet behind him holding your baby and watch the old ladies ogle. Luckily, you’re the one that gets to go home with both of them.

You will hate him for being a man.

It’s the sad and sorry truth, but it is almost guaranteed that in the first few weeks, months, and perhaps even years following your child’s birth, you will despise your husband, partner, or boyfriend simply for the fact that he was not the one to give birth. He will never, ever be able to understand what you have gone through and as much as you’d like to force him to undergo the morning sickness, the contraction pain, or the horror that is peeing after birth even for one minute, he won’t get it. So your relationship comes to the point of reconciling the fact that you are sorely flying solo on the fact that you have crossed a threshold he just can’t follow. Hopefully he respects you more for it and hopefully you forgive him for it, but either way, there’s no going back.

You are forever intertwined.

Stronger than the bonds of relationships are the bonds of parenthood. After your first meet the little being who took your breaths away, there is a deeper awareness of what it means to truly be united as a couple. No matter what happens between you, you are always parents together.
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