I Think My Life is Better Off Without My Husband and Here’s Why

I Think My Life is Better Off Without My Husband and Here’s Why

I am married with two daughters, one aged four and the other is two year old. All along, I have worked hard and raised the kids alone since my hubby was not working until last year when he left for Dubai after securing a job there. I thought going to live and work in Dubai would make my life better but how wrong I was.

Before he left, we fought several times because he never took responsibility at all. His father would send him cash to help me foot some bills but he would rather go partying for days only to appear after the cash is finished.

When he left for Dubai, he promised to support us and really apologized for being an irresponsible dad and husband. It’s been ten months since he left the country but doing nothing much to support us.

In February, I requested him to pay our daughter’s second term fee and all he did was call me names and throw tantrums that he had a number of things to accomplish first.

I have talked to my parents in law who have always calmed me down especially mother in law saying their son would change. I am thinking of quitting the marriage completely and focusing on my children single handedly.

I pay fees for our daughter who is in pre school plus foot all other bills like rent. Our young daughter would be starting school soon and it is not like I earn much. I am a student pursuing my masters degree and sponsoring the fees of two of my siblings who are in high school because my parents cannot afford to keep them in school. At the end of it all, I am drained.

I will highly appreciate your genuine advice.
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