My Husband and I are Not Meant to be Together

African couple fighting

I got married because I had a baby with my boyfriend. Our relationship was not going on well because we are not compatible, not meant for each other.

After the arrival of my baby, we were still not ready to settle because we knew our problem but both our families pushed us to get married, so we had our traditional wedding. Afterward, I thought we will try and make things work but I still felt his heart was not with me.

I was working and living with my parents while he lived in another state. I was pressured again to leave my job to be with my husband. I did. I thought I would get a job there but I could not. He bore all the expenses of running the house which I was not comfortable with. He was not earning much too. That brought about petty quarrels at home.

I got to know he was cheating but I ignored it. I just wanted him to be happy and let me be, although I was a bit hurt within. I got pregnant again and came home to my mum to deliver my baby. He visited and told me he has been transferred to another state but he spends most of his weekends and holidays in the previous state which is also his hometown.

When I complain, he will say that it is his hometown so he cannot stay away. I have been expecting him to visit us often but he does not. It’s been almost two weeks since I delivered but he still has not visited. We spoke last weekend, he said he’s in his hometown. I got angry. I just think our relationship is still not working. He does not care about me nor love me. This guy has never posted my picture on his wall even when we were dating but would put up the picture of other girls. He is a good father, he cares and love his kids but has no love for me.

Should I end this marriage and free us?
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