Set of aims to combat problems facing education in the modern society

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The following are some of the problems facing education in the modern society;

Unemployment, corruption, racism and tribalism, drug abuse, environmental pollution, terrorism, poverty, gender issues, illiteracy, HIV/AIDS, natural calamities and a shortage of schools within marginalized areas.

Considering these problems, we have proposed the following set of aims of education to help solve these problems:

Education should furnish individuals with the appropriate skills and knowledge so that they become reliant, adaptable and for them to self-actualize.

To justify this, education for a long period has been viewed as a stepping stone for employment and provision of job opportunities hence individuals rely majorly on to be employed after going through an education system, therefore individuals or learners should be encouraged to be self-reliant and be entrepreneurs to be self-employed and create employment opportunities for others.

Education should instill the learners with skills, values, ethics and positive attitudes to help curb corruption.

To justify this, education should instill life skills into the curriculum which will help equip learners with knowledge on how to control corruption issues since learners are the future leaders of tomorrow and since corruption has been a major problem facing the modern society.

Education should be accessible to all individuals regardless of their geographical location and economic status.

The cost of education is not affordable for some individuals hence denying them access to education; therefore education should ensure that every individual gets access to it by ensuring free or substantially reduced cost.

Education should encourage learners to shun and desist from terrorism activities by equipping them with morally upright values and be exemplary members of the society.

Learners should be taught on the disadvantages of engaging in terrorist activities as well as being taught on the value of life, this will help learners to understand the importance of peaceful co-existence thus develop themselves and also the nation as a whole.

Education should sensitize people on gender equity.

Education should provide equal chances for both boys and girls, this is to ensure that the girl child education is not neglected as exhibited in some communities such as the Turkana and Borana, thus education should provide platforms whereby every individual gets to participate and also feel that they have equal opportunities in life, regardless of their sex.

Education should promote technology literacy and advancement.

Education should equip learners and members of the society with the appropriate knowledge and skills of operating the technological advancement to create proper awareness.

Education should promote caring attitude and desist stigmatization on people living with HIV/AIDS and also teach on preventive measures to curb HIV/AIDS.

Education should ensure that it discourages stigma on those people living with HIV/AIDS, learners should be adequately taught on how to live harmoniously with those living with HIV/AIDS and also accept them into the society, and preventive measures should be taught to learners to prevent its spread.

Education should instill learners with skills and knowledge that will help curb and control natural calamities

It’s through education that learners acquire the necessary skills to use in the daily activities, so education should introduce into the curriculum activities where learners get to participate and also learn how to handle and control natural calamities without panic, this will, in turn, ensure that a natural calamity is detected prior to its happening and also is controlled and avoided to prevent unnecessary deaths since people can safely evacuate from the scene of its happening.

Education should instill unto the learner's values and morals to help curb racism.

It’s through education that people get to interact with different people from all walks of life, so education should teach learners appropriate ethics and morals conducts that will help all people to accept one another regardless of their race or tribe and to mutually relate together.

Education should create new ways of behavior in individual groups and communities as a whole towards the Kenyan environment.

It is through education that individuals get on opportunity to acquire the knowledge, values, attitudes, commitment, and skills needed to protect and improve the environment, so education should ensure there is a clear awareness of, and concern about economic, social political and ecological interdependence in both rural and urban areas.

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