Introducing a new partner to family and friends isn’t something that’s completely easy or should be taken lightly.

Firstly, taking this step is choosing to reveal a very personal part of your life, and naturally, your loved ones will be concerned about whether or not your new beau is fit enough to be in your life. This will result in dozens of questions to determine whether or not they accept the new partner into the clan.

Secondly, introducing a new partner to your loved ones is a way of showing commitment to the relationship. It’s a very direct way of showing that they’re part of your life and that they are important to you.

Dating experts advise that you introduce your new partner to your loved ones at least 6 months after dating when the honeymoon phase is over and both of you are sure that you want to go forward in a committed relationship.

So, how do you do this in a way that won’t scare off your new partner and raise the blood pressure of your loved ones?


First and foremost, be honest with your family and friends about your new relationship in that it’s something of importance to you. Pick a time when everyone is in a sociable space, like over dinner and coffee, so that they can ask you whatever they want to see where you’re at.

If they ask you dozens of questions or tease you a little, it’s all in good faith because they love and care for you. Just be honest about how you feel.

Once you’ve laid that groundwork, you can formally introduce your partner to your friends and family. Do this in a casual setting, like lunch, dinner or coffee, so that everyone is relaxed and comfortable. This should provide a platform for everyone to get to know each other.

Avoid introducing new partners at big family gatherings like Christmas dinners or birthday parties. It might be a bit daunting for the new partner to meet everyone at once. It’s better to do it in bite-sized versions, introducing them to one or two family members or friends at a time until you’ve worked through everyone that needs to know about your new relationship.

You can update your social media profiles at this point with your new relationship status. Social media has also become a way for people to formally introduce new partners to the world and show their commitment. You’re more than welcome to flood people’s timelines with #loveliveshere selfies and pictures of romantic getaways.

Mind you, this guide only works if you’re introducing someone that you want to commit to. Please don’t introduce someone you intend to be in a short-term relationship with, especially to your family. They don’t need to know (and have no desire of knowing) about your booty calls or one-minute relationships.

With that, happy partner introduction!
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