Many young people today are desperate for marriage and they end up being victims of different situations as a result. Yes, marriage is beautiful and it is God's will for every person to get married at some point in life. However, desperation for marriage is a big problem.

People are desperate for marriage for different reasons; peer pressure (competition), pressure from parents and society, economic reasons, age and much more. Out of desperation, some people end up marrying people they hardly know. Some men even look for some random ladies to marry. Some try their luck at every lady they see while some look for women in newspapers and through friends and relatives. Most of them put up "being a beautiful independent woman as the only requirement.

As soon as that random woman is found, the wedding bells ring. Few months into the marriage, things get too hot to handle. Since there is no love between them and they barely know each other, it becomes hard to forgive, endure and be tolerant of one another, leading to a miserable marriage or divorce.

Ladies are usually the main victims of desperation for marriage. Most men have realized this and they use marriage promises as a trap to take poor ladies to bed. When the poor lady hears "I want to marry you", she gives her body and heart to that man without hesitation, not knowing that the guy is either on the "hit and run" or "taste and dump" mission. Some ladies are even too fast to introduce such men to their families as their fiancees. Before they knew it, the man has run away. Some are even left pregnant. They then keep cursing and blaming God. What a shame!

Out of desperation, some ladies end up married to some loaded men whom they hardly know, and end up being humiliated, abused (physically and emotionally), rejected and deprived of all entitlements in marriage. Some end up tempted to cheat and wishing they could turn back the hands of time.

Out of desperation, some women keep running from one church to another; not to serve God, but just to get prayers for marriage.

Yes, God gives marriage, but at his own appointed time (which may not seem soon enough for you). God knows you better than you know yourself; he knows you are not ready for marriage. He is still preparing you.

Sometimes, God may not grant your prayers if you want marriage for wrong reasons; peer pressure, economic reasons, showing off, envy, sex, etc.

"And when you ask, you do not receive it, because your motives are bad; you ask for things to use for your own pleasures." -James 4:3

Out of desperation, some ladies spend a lot of money on witch doctors to manipulate men into marrying them. Criminals have spotted this business opportunity claiming to be witch doctors while they know nothing about it.

Witch doctors may give you a fake and devilish marriage but as you know, fake things do not last. The joy of that devilish marriage will be short-lived. As soon as those charms get expired, things will turn upside down and You will live to regret it. You must also know that everything the devil gives is in an exchange with your blood or soul; not for free.

Do not be desperate for marriage. Be patient and pray to God to guide you into finding the right person for you.

"Seek your happiness in the Lord, and he will give you your heart's desire." - Psalm 37:4
No matter how old you are, let your mates and younger siblings get married before you if they get lifetime partners before you. Let the sleepy go to bed. Overtaking is allowed.

You should also prepare yourself for marriage. Learn to forgive, to be tolerant, to be honest, to be faithful, to forgive, to be patient, to compromise and to be submissive. Mr/Ms. Right that you are looking for is also looking for Mr/Ms. Right. Make sure that you are a good man/woman yourself, else the right person for a wrong person will be pointless.

When you finally find that man/woman who seems to be your ideal man/woman, don't rush things. Take time to be sure that you really love the person, the feeling is mutual and his/her intentions are genuine. All that glitters is not gold. Pray and discern.

Forever is too long to suffer the consequences of getting married out of desperation.

All the best.
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