I’m bored with my relationship… It just happened… I wanted to get revenge… All of the above reasons for cheating are bullshit.


Because relationships aren’t complicated; it’s the self-centered and dishonest nature of people that make relationships complicated.

If people were more honest with themselves and their spouses about how they really felt, instead of hiding behind the fear of being alone or being too cowardice to walk away from something that’s not working out, relationships would be a whole lot easier.

Here’s the truth about cheating.

People cheat because they don’t necessarily love the person that they’re with.

If you truly love someone, you will value and respect them as a loved one, and you will not do anything to intentionally harm them because you care for them deeply. You will have their best interests at heart, carefully considering what you do in the relationship because you know that your actions will have an impact on them.

You will be honest at all times, clearly expressing your thoughts and feelings so that they are in a position to make an informed choice about the relationship, which ultimately affects their lives.

So don’t cheat on your spouse and try to validate your actions with some excuse as if it will make the cheating acceptable. Face the truth that you don’t truly love the person that you’re with enough to build a life with them, and relay that truth through an honest conversation with them.

Doing this will save you and your partner from unnecessary heartache and drama, and you can walk away from the relationship knowing that you did right by your partner.
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